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1.ProductName:LQX120001:footrestwithgripLQX120002:withoutagripfootstool 2.Material:Mainmaterial:ironchromeFootpad:non-slipwearrubber 3.Isitfoldable:No 4.Productsize:LQX120001:Anklesize-H*W*L:22.86*27.94*35.56cm(9"*11"*14")Gripsize:H-91.44cm LQX120002:Anklesize-H*W*L:22.86*27.94*35.56cm(9"*11"*14") 5.ProductFeatures: 5.1chrome-platedsurfaceisanti-rust,nobleatmosphere,stylishandbeautiful. 5.2Uniquestainlesssteelall-weldedbasebracketwithoutanyscrewrivetsonthesurface 5.3Advancednon-slipwearrubberstool 5.4X-structure1"steelpipesupportframeatthebottomofthestoolsurface,morestable 5.5Footwearrubber,non-slipsafety 6.Application:Hospitalclinicexaminationroom,thechoiceofX-rayexaminationroom 7.Packaginginformation:Cartonsize:925*160*535mmCartonpackaging:1piece/box.Productnetweight:11KGProductgrossweight:12.5KG 8.Maximumuserweight:158KG(350lb)
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Product description

1. Product Name:

LQX120001: footrest with grip
LQX120002: without a grip footstool

2. Material:

Main material: iron chrome
Foot pad: non-slip wear rubber

3. Is it foldable: No


4. Product size:

Ankle size -H*W*L: 22.86*27.94*35.56cm(9"*11"*14")
Grip size: H-91.44cm
LQX120002: Ankle size -
H*W*L: 22.86*27.94*35.56cm(9"*11"*14")

5. Product Features:

  5.1 chrome-plated surface is anti-rust, noble atmosphere, stylish and beautiful.
  5.2 Unique stainless steel all-welded base bracket without any screw rivets on the surface
  5.3 Advanced non-slip wear rubber stool
  5.4 X-structure 1" steel pipe support frame at the bottom of the stool surface, more stable
  5.5 Foot wear rubber, non-slip safety

6. Application:

Hospital clinic examination room, the choice of X-ray examination room

7. Packaging information:

Carton size: 925*160*535mm
Carton packaging: 1 piece / box.
Product net weight: 11KG
Product gross weight: 12.5KG

8. Maximum user weight: 158KG (350lb)

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