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1.Productmodel:LQX100001 2.ProductdetailsMaterial:ironchrome/stainlesssteelSurfacetreatment:chromeplatingBottomrubberwheel:4universalwheels(2ofthemwithfootbrakes)Productsize:46*50*98cmTrashcan:canbeopenedandclosedMaximumload:45lb(20.40kg)Certificate:ISO9001/CE/ISO13485/FDA 3.ProductFeatures:3.1chrome-platedstainlesssteel/ironsupportframe,durable3.2pedaltrashcancoverforconvenienthygiene3.3bracketcanhanggarbagebags,simpleandpractical3.4Withfootbrakecasters,moveanytime,anywhere 4.Packaginginformation:Cartonsize:550*490*225,1/1boxNetweight:5.6kgGrossweight:7.8kg
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Product description

1. Product model: LQX100001


2. Product details

Material: iron chrome / stainless steel
Surface treatment: chrome plating
Bottom rubber wheel: 4 universal wheels (2 of them with foot brakes)
Product size: 46*50*98cm
Trash can: can be opened and closed
Maximum load: 45lb (20.40kg)
Certificate: ISO9001/CE/ISO13485/FDA

3. Product Features:

3.1 chrome-plated stainless steel / iron support frame, durable
3.2 pedal trash can cover for convenient hygiene
3.3 bracket can hang garbage bags, simple and practical
3.4 With foot brake casters, move anytime, anywhere

4. Packaging information:

Carton size: 550*490*225, 1 / 1 box
Net weight: 5.6kg
Gross weight: 7.8kg
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