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1.Productmodel:LQX060004:4hooks,adjustableheight132-240cm 2.ProductDetailsBrand:goodsteporcustomProductmodel:LQX060003,LQX060004Basematerial:aluminumDripstandsupporttubematerial:ironchromeplatingColor:silverAdjustableheight:132-240cmMaximumloadcapacityforusers:20.4kg(45lb)Certificate:ISO9001,ISO13485,CE,FDA,SGSMinimumorderquantity:1Istherestock:thereisUses:ward,clinicuse 3.ProductFeatures:3.1stablefive-leggedbasedesign3.2Thebottomisequippedwithatwo-wheeluniversalwheelthatcanmovesteadily3.3hookwithdetachableanti-shedhorncap,practicalandbeautiful3.4dripstandconfigurationmanuallockrotaryknob,heightadjustable3.5Ironplatesurfaceischrome-plated,rust-prooffashionhasagrade 4.Packaginginformation:Cartonsize:130.0*18.5*61.5CMPackingdetails:1/boxContainerloading:20GP-200PCS,40GP400PCS
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Product description

1. Product model:

LQX060004: 4 hooks, adjustable height 132-240cm

2. Product Details

Brand: good step or custom
Product model: LQX060003, LQX060004
Base material: aluminum
Drip stand support tube material: iron chrome plating
Color: silver
Adjustable height: 132-240cm
Maximum load capacity for users: 20.4kg (45lb)
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, FDA, SGS
Minimum order quantity: 1
Is there stock: there is
Uses: ward, clinic use

3. Product Features:

3.1 stable five-legged base design
3.2 The bottom is equipped with a two-wheel universal wheel that can move steadily
3.3 hook with detachable anti-shed horn cap, practical and beautiful
3.4 drip stand configuration manual lock rotary knob, height adjustable
3.5 Iron plate surface is chrome-plated, rust-proof fashion has a grade

4. Packaging information:

Carton size: 130.0*18.5*61.5CM
Packing details: 1 / box
Container loading: 20GP -200PCS, 40GP 400PCS
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